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Key Sponsors:

  • A-1 Comics – a full service comic and gaming store with three locations in the Sacramento area with a goal is to provide the very best in selection, affordability and customer service for the products they carry.
  • New Glory Craft Brewery – a bunch of crazy, fun weirdos who are committed to the craft of brewing. We’ve got that spunky curiosity to push flavor paradigms and surprise your palate.
  • Time2Tabletop – an inclusion based gaming community that thrives on the talents of everyone involved!


  • 12oz pours from local breweries
    • New Glory Craft Brewery
    • Yolo Brewing
    • At Ease Brewing
  • Live music
  • Workshops
    • Getting started in comics
    • Getting started in board games
    • Getting started in live streaming
    • Storytelling
  • Local Comic artists
  • Board Game Designers
  • Store demos
    • D&D
    • The Red Dragon Inn
    • Miniature Painting
    • Dragon Ball Z
    • MtG
    • Warhammer

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D&D with Satine Phoenix!

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  • D&D adventure
  • D&D workshop
  • Audience for D&D adventure

Partner Guests:

An indie comic publisher established by Jason Dube in 1991 and located in Sacramento, CA. puacX Guest artists: Jason Dube, Keith Carmona

What does “less bull, more comics” mean? It means our focus is to bring you comics, more comics and nothing else. We want to marvel you with the best comic books around.

started as a storefront 7 years ago in Sacramento California (from 2001-2008). Now growing as an online business.

An open and inviting Gaming Tavern, loaded with popular games and events located in Elk Grove, CA.

Founded on the belief that craft beers should enrich your lifestyle. We want our beers to reflect what you enjoy in life. No matter what your passion, enjoying a handcrafted beer with your friends is one of life’s great pleasures. We are driven by a passion to create beers that enhance the lives of active, socially engaged individuals, like yourself.

Founded by retired Army Colonel Mike Conrad in Sacramento, CA, At Ease Brewing Company brews some of the finest quality beers in northern California.

Not only do we have over 7000 square feet set aside for gaming at the store, with multiple tables set up for convenience and ease for gaming, we also offer two private game rooms – perfect for your RPG or board game.

Board Game Designers:

Live Music:

      “The Natomas Evolution” is a group of Natomas based music students and their families that come together to put together performances around the Sacramento region under the direction of Sacramento music/theatre professional, Mikey LP. Students work individually with Mikey in private weekly lessons and eventually in full group rehearsals and performances. Strings of performances are often tribute shows to popular bands, but the group also will perform together in variety sets of popular cover music to showcase new musical skills. The group is comprised of aspiring: drummers, guitarists, bassists, pianists and singers however, most of the students perform in multiple capacities, taking on secondary and tertiary instrument(s). The group has performed at the Geery Theater, the Tower Theater (Roseville), Big Sexy Brewing Company,   La Bonne Soup Café, Natomas Music Square, and several private parties. Previous tribute shows include: U2, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Michael Jackson & Tom Petty, the group is currently rehearsing a tribute to Coldplay’s debut album, “Parachutes” to be performed in its entirety to commemorate it’s 20th anniversary.

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